About US

🌍Here at Grim Temptations we recognize how important it is to preserve the health and wellbeing of this planet and all living things whom reside here, which is why we are committed to holding ourselves and our suppliers to the highest ethical standards.

  • 🚫We will never test on animals.
  • 🚫We will not purchase/use ingredients that have been tested on animals nor by a company whom participates in any type of animal testing or cruelty.
  • 🚫We will never purchase supplies, ingredients, or packaging from areas/ countries where non-ethical labor practices such as child labor or labor abuse are documented.


  • 🤝We will source our ingredients and packaging exclusively from ethical suppliers.
  • 💌Grim Temptations transport supply chain consists exclusively of major carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL and thus is free of forced or child labor.
  • ♻️We will package all products in environmentally friendly packaging materials. 

💸Furthermore, we pledge to pay all employees no less than 10% more than the local median wage or federal minimum wage regulations, whichever is greater.

This means, if the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour but the local median hourly wage is $15 per hour, we will pay our employees the greater of the two plus another 10% of the greater wage. The formula looks like this:

  • $15/hour + (15 x .1) = $16.50 per hour.


Our Mission:

To provide high quality, environmentally friendly bath and beauty products at an affordable price.


Our Suppliers

  • Mad Micas

Mad Mica's Ethics Statement

  • Brambleberry
  • Natures Garden